Hat: Debenhams men's section. Fur coat: Camden market.









Step 1: I was my hair as usual with my sea salt shampoo, but use a hair mask and leave it on for 15 minutes while I get on with making sure I'm squeaky clean.  It looks like I have makeup on here, I don't I just have abnormally thick, dark eyelashes. 

Step 2: Moisturise, Face mask and fake tanning. I put a face mask on, I prefer the clear ones you can peel off, but I had this mud mask with aloe vera in and wanted to soothe my skin. I then moisturise my knees, elbows, ankles and wrists before tanning my entire body, I won't put you through the agony of a visual of this, but I basically just get naked and cover myself in the stuff. I use St Moriz because it's cheap and has a nice colour to it, and doesn't smell horrid. 

Step 3: Once I look something like this, I wash my face mask off being very careful not to get anything on my fake tan. If I do, I just go over the bits I've got water on. I'm not sure why I don't just leave tanning until my face mask, I guess I get bored. Then I get my surroundings ready, including music and candles.

Here we go, I like mood lighting, and it's not as dark as it appears in this photo, I can still see what a mess I'm making of my face and hair. My red berry candle was a Christmas present, and sits in a little crystal bowl I got from a charity shop. 

Step 4: I then do my nails... Pretty self explanatory!

Step 5: Face makeup - I start with Estee Lauder's Matte Perfecting primer, it's not got too much silicone in so lets the skin breathe. I then go on with a mix of MAC's Studio Fix and Bourjois' healthy mix foundations, with MAC's Mineralise Skin Finish powder over the top. I conceal with basically whatever is handy at the time, and highlight with Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat. 

Step 6: Eye makeup - I use MAC's paint pot in painterly as a base, for the eyeshadow to cling to, and go over with Illamasqua's cream gold eyeshadow over my mobile lid for more vibrance. I then use a mix of colours from the Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palettes, usually Naked and Halfbaked over my lid and whichever colour takes my fancy for my crease to smoke it out. I then tight line, curl my lashes and apply a coat of Diorshow and Shu Uemura mascara, because I like massive eyelashes but tend not to wear falsies. 

For my lips I went nude tonight so I just lined them with a nude lip liner and went over them with lip balm. 

Step 7: I wore a black skater style dress from TopShop, a thrifted soft leather jacket with fur trim, and some new underwear I'd bought. I have a thing for nice underwear...

Step 8: Grab a friend and drink until the morning.

Try not to acquire anyone else's belongings. 

Classy, chick. 

Step 1: Make your antler shapes using tin foil.

Step 2: Using newspaper and (I used) wallpaper paste, papier mache over the tin foil. You won't need as much paste as I made, I went a bit crazy. You will need a few layers, though. (Cigarettes optional)

Step 3: Hot glue gun them to a wide headband, make sure they balance properly and are at a good height on your head. 

Step 4: Paint and decorate with flowers/butterflies/leaves etc.

Step 5: Wear.

Urban Decay eyeshadow in Naked to fill in my brows and contour my nose. DiorShow mascara to extend my eyelashes and Shu Uemura to thicken them. Lancome's rose blusher to contour my cheeks.