I have been busy creating things I'm proud of. I'm not sure if I've succeeded, but we'll see. 
I've decided I'm going to write more, here. About my thoughts and feelings and views on the world, as well as on pretty things that interest me like creating papier mache antlers and which lipsticks I enjoy putting on my face. After all, there are only so many pictures of someone's face you can look at without feeling like you've got an involuntary tick. 

When deciding what to write for this first talky blog, I referred back to a post on my last blog where I asked people to submit questions to me. I read my answers, and I realised where I was four years ago isn't even close to where I am now. Funny how things change... But here are my answers again, in updated form:

1. Is your name really Sophielia? 

In short, no. The long, and very uninteresting story, is that when I was at school I played Ophelia in Hamlet. One of my friends, who was playing Hamlet, nicknamed me Sophielia, and I changed my name on Facebook to it, as you do when you're young and enjoy nicknames. As I moved on from that point in my life I met new people, and they came to know me as Sophielia. Now, it's just my name. 

2. How often do you see your best friends?

Not nearly enough. One of the downsides to not being able to settle anywhere is that you spend quite a lot of time wishing you could spend time with the people that have had a positive impact on your life yet are too far away for you to let them know. 

3. How old do would you like to be when you get married?

I don't care if I'm 75, or even if I never get married. It's not a priority to me - and anyway, Aragorn is a fictional character sooo...

4. Do you have any pets?

Jennyanydots and Edith Sedgwick. Edie loves Jenny, Jenny hates Edie. I think you can tell which one's which ;)

5. Do you have any scars?

Yes, one on my leg from when I passed out and fell on a stick (keep it classy); one on my arm from the first and last proper cat fight I ever had, when I was seven. The bitch had talons, not nails. 

6. Do you believe in love at first sight?

No. I believe people have the capacity to love people they've only just met, but everyone's too cautious and self indulgent to be persuaded. So we have to go about a process of only getting to know people we are attracted to, and then only opening our hearts once we figure out that person has a common ground with ourselves. & then, when they do something to hurt us we hate them even more for it because we've put that much pressure on the situation to destroy it would be like bursting a balloon. If we just all chilled out a bit and kept our hearts open we could love people instantly. Maybe not that deep-routed-married-for-fifty-years kind of love. But at least a sort of compassionate love that would take the pressure off. 

7. What's your favourite band/singer/song?

Band: Aerosmith.
Singer: Marcus Mumford.
Song: Lilly, Rosemary & the Jack of Hearts by Bob Dylan.

8. Favourite film/book/TV series?

Film: Girl, Interrupted.
Book: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.
TV Series: Monty Python's Flying Circus.

9. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Animal morphing. That way, I could fly, swim and run amongst the best of nature without a fucking care.

10. Does the future scare you?

Sometimes I get scared that I won't be able to achieve all of the things I want to, and sometimes I get scared that I won't be able to handle the sting of loneliness when I'm older. Generally, though, I occupy my mind away from those thoughts. 

Although this isn't a tag, if you fancy answering these questions then by all means do so, e-mail me your responses at sophilizz@gmail.com. Lets get to know each other.